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Health Psychologist & Yoga Teacher

Get to know your yoga instuctor & creator of Motǐ Yoga

Motivational and Health Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200®), Founder of Moti Yoga. Anna holds two Master’s Degrees in Psychology, but considers her intense time in India as a breakthrough which helped her „connect all the dots”. Anna completed her yoga teacher training program in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, known as one of the strongest styles of Yoga, under experienced Iyengar Yoga instructors at Abhinam Yoga Center in India. Her practice and teaching approach has been shaped by Namito, a life-long and direct disciple of B. K. S. Iyengar.

Since her certification as yoga teacher, Anna has been registered with Yoga Alliance, an international professional organization certifying yoga teachers and training programs. Practicing yoga in various countries such as Germany, Greece, India, Portugal and Spain allowed her to deepen her spiritual practice and follow her dream of practicing yoga with renowned practitioners.

Clarity in flow and proper alignment is a strong focus in Anna’s classes. You will find yourself practicing with understanding and working on the connection with your inner voice in a safe and full of warmth environment. You’ll be learning not only asanas, but also different elements from the yoga philosophy and how to integrate them into your everyday life. And soon you’ll realize these classes are different then you’ve ever visited.

Moti Yoga picture by Nadiya Gran

„Take the journey inside of you. And with time you’ll discover, all the love you’ve been missing the whole time is waiting for you right there.”

Anna Motǐ


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"I have attended a few of Anna's virtual classes and she is a wonderful teacher. She takes really good care of each student before, during and after class. Before the class she will ask us what we wanted to focus on and if there are any body parts that can benefit from more soothing attention. She will tailor the class based on the feedback.

During the class she is able to talk us through each pose and pinpoint details about how to make it work for each of us no matter our level and how to make it even more challenging if we wanted to.

Even though we were connected digitally the vibe she exuded was warm and positive making it a joy to attend her classes. I can recommend you to attend a class so you will experience for yourself how she will inspire you physically, emotionally and mentally through her yoga."

Ryan, student.

"I started my journey with Anna beginning of the year and she is just AMAZING, she is thoroughly committed and dedicated. I love the warm, positive environment she creates in which to grow your practice. She puts a lot of effort into designing the classes and personalizes the exercises based on the class needs. She helped me listen more to my body and calm my mind. Throughout the classes I found myself, breathing deeper and listening to my body. I am becoming more aware of my posture and of my breathing thanks to all her advice in this journey."

Zineb, student.

"I am so grateful to have started my yoga journey with you. This was the challenge I set myself for this new year. You made me love, enjoyed and addicted to practicing yoga even outside of your session, which is quite spectacular given that I am not the most sporty girl.

This meant a lot to me what you do to share with us your passion for yoga - you really put your time and effort into designing and building our yoga practice for each session according to everyone's needs and desires and based upon everyone’s capacity. 

Thank you soooo much."

Marièle, student.

"A great artistic loving heart, ready to share its blessings with humanity."

Yog Namito, Director of Academic Affairs at Abhinam Yoga School.

"I have worked with Anna for many years and her personality brings light to every space that she is in. She supports and encourages people through her genuine and understanding way of teaching. We hire Anna on a regular basis to work with our dancers and she has helped them to become more aware and conscious movers and give them tools to take care of their bodies.

Thank you Anna for always giving your full heart into every class."

Sarah Balzat, Founder Yerba Buena Art Community.

As a yoga beginner, the yoga introduction classes fit perfectly to me. I really enjoy that I learn step by step the positions and most important, our teacher Anna is so careful and pays so much attention to each of us, observing our movements, ensuring that we learn the perfect positions and preventing any kind of injury. I absolutely recommend the yoga introduction classes, I feel so light after the classes, with a calm energy and peaceful state.

Patricia, student.